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Making waste History


Waste Wizards provides waste mimisation services to events, schools, and businesses.

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Everyday, the world's waste woes worsen.

 Consumers continue to throw away consistent amounts of avoidable waste. The solutions require a change in mindset. A mindset of being connected to our consumption to make every effort to reduce waste, reuse items and re-imagine the way we consume and create waste. We're all in this together so join the team and together we can make magic. 

Waste Wizards magic clear bins are proven to have a positive impact at events and schools for a variety of reasons.

Consultancy is available to businesses wanting to create a waste reduction plan, making waste history! 

Office space bins and jumbo bins are coming soon!

Recycling Bottles

Our mission is to create positive change in the world.

The mission of Waste Wizards is to help to create a world where people are more aware about the resources they use.

A world where as consumers, we are are all active participants in helping to minimise and up-cycle the waste we all create.

We focus on Waste Hierachy





 Make Waste History

Waste Wizards is building a culture of zero waste in NZ by working with schools, businesses and events to bring the people half way to the solution. This invites users to meet us half way.

Lets make this


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Our Service is completely transparent

It begins consultancy to build your waste minimisation plan. Our unique bins make it easy for everyone to separate waste into the correct waste stream.

We want to work with your event, school, business or organisation to develop local circular economies that benefit our community, city, country, species and all living things alike. 

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