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Diverting waste from landfill - regenerating ecosystems

Our environment, ecology and biosphere has been under threat for centuries and mankind's' impact is rapidly changing the climate we all call home. We need to embrace diversity and team up to preserve what we love. We love nature and it loves us. We feel it when we soak in its forests or swim in its water's. When we save compostable waste from landfill, we enter it into a local circular economy. This is the most efficient way to deal with waste. Composting is king and worms are the magic.

What also happens when we save compost from landfill is the prevention of methane emissions on landfill sites due to compostable waste rotting beside other waste types in an anaerobic environment. Methane emissions are 25 times more powerful at trapping carbon dioxide in our biosphere. We must prevent food scraps and green waste from getting to landfill!

We aspire to create local cycles with plastic, tin, aluminium, cardboard and glass but are currently limited to dropping what we collect at the local transfer station. 

Waste Wizards arose from a need to get more people into separating waste at events without the need of constant bin monitoring. It came from a desire to mitigate single use rubbish bags and single use items wherever possible.


We want to offer consultancy to your event/ business/ organisation/ as soon as possible to divert the maximum amount of waste being from landfill. 

Talk to us! and we can work together to make local circular economies in your area!


- Vincent Callister.
Waste Wizards Founder and CEO

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