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"Waste Wizards met all our expectations and assisting in some planning to keep our waste plan achievable, on the day the staff were friendly and worked in with us at all levels, its refreshing to have a great team that are passionate about waste management and our greater environment, Cross St Music Festival recommends them for any large event, they went beyond the call of duty to ensure we were left spotless".

Cross St Festival Director

Anya Vitali

"Vinnie is a legend! He coordinated the cleanest festival site we have ever had. He worked well with our team and on budget"

Shipwrecked Festival February 2020

Logan Baker

Shipwrecked Music Festival NZ

"Lots of people commented on the environmental practices that we put in place at the event, including the waste disposal process. Vinnie used see-through bags at the waste station which meant people could easily see where to put their waste"  

Elle Reid

2017/18 Papamoa Fun Run Event Director

"Seeing what waste is, separating it out into landfill, recycling, composting builds awareness - intergenerational knowledge at a School ie family event. It gets grannies talking with their grandies. It gets guys talking with guys. It gets whanau talking. It provides immediate ‘feedback’ to vendors and the community about packaging. It helps people make different choices next time. Seeing the waste pile up tells the story better than a lecture or a flyer in a letterbox can"

Emily Mowbray-Marks

The Little Yoga Fest Event Director

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