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Waste Wizd @ Shipwrecked 2020

Post event waste report for Shipwrecked festival 2020

Waste Wizards was contracted for our biggest event yet over 3 days and nights in the Northland area of Te Arai. Shipwrecked is a festival of arts and music and they required all available Waste Wizard bins and more.

We had 9 stations in total and collected just under two tonnes of total waste. (1917.6 kg)

Thanks to the wonderful effort and enthusiasm of the volunteers ( that turned up) we managed to achieve a really impressive landfill diversion rate of 90%

This was helped by the support and cooperation of the bar crew/volys that brought waste to the back end relatively sorted, most of the food vendors that brought us sorted waste and used compostable serveware and by the novel initiative of steel reusable cups.

A lot of credit has to go to the crew who have developed a sustainability plan well in advance of the festival and to the attendees who generally found the bin with their trash and for the most part, left their campsites very clean.

As a pleasant surprise, we found only one abandoned tent once everyone had left the campsite. There were odd bits of trash that we had to carefully scan for but on the whole, we felt that the crowd that attended were very considerate for their environment and they made our job a lot easier than it could’ve been based on what is left at the end of some other weekend festivals. There is certainly room for improvement but the bar has been set high for upcoming years.

We collected and sorted 758kgs of compostable waste and sent it to WeCompost.

We sorted 32.9kgs of soft plastic and thanks to SuperTrash it is on its way to FuturePost in Waiuku to be made into fence posts.

We disposed of 45kg of cardboard, 71.3kg of plastic 1&2 and a massive 698 kg of glass to the Hakaru ReSort centre

Although it was a glass free site due to the hazard of broken glass and the fact the premises was fully liquor licensed, lots of the alcohol/non alcoholic beverages that bars served came to site in glass.

Fred’s place in Wellsford, a steel recycling centre accepted 27kg of Tin and 90kgs of Aluminium.

Total waste collected = 1917.6 kg

Total waste diverted from landfill = 1722.2 kg

Percentage diverted from landfill = 90%

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