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Mt Maunganui Gourmet Night Markets


The Gourmet Night Market before New Years is always a highly popular and loved event.

With around 4500 visitors over 3 hours, all stations were running hot! The Waste Wizards crew were put through their paces keeping up, ensuring as much as possible was kept out of the landfill.

All up, we captured and catapulted 164 kg of compostable waste to our friends at Revital, a choice as local compost facility.

Glass was separated onsite and of the total 35.2 kgs of glass collected, ZERO glass was broken. A huge win for health & safety!

The team achieved an outstanding diversion rate of 97%:

Total recycling - 51.5 kgs

Total compostable waste - 164 kgs

Total landfill - 3.7kgs

It was a fantastic event and we're pumped for their return this summer! To find out more check out their facebook

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