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The state of waste in 2016

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Waste Wizards innovative bins clearly make waste history

A total of 122,547 tonnes of food was wasted in New Zealand in the year 2016. This equates to 350 Boeing 747 jumbo jets or 29 kgs per person per annum(1). This is an eighth of what we buy each week and comes to a staggering total cost of $1.8b!

We have wasteful behaviours ingrained within our societies, cultures and communities that take an organised joint effort to overcome wasteful and environmentally damaging behaviour.

Waste Wizards prevents compostable waste going to landfill by working with vendors and event managers leading up to an event to promote compostable and reusable initiatives. On the day of the event, we work hard to make sure as many as possible know that food is compostable and that carbon (paper, cardboard & wood) is a very important part of this compost.

At the time of writing 21/7/17, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since 1950. 8.3 billion tonnes would cover a land mass 10 times larger than New Zealand ankle deep in waste.

Of this, only 9% has been recycled. 12% has been incinerated which is harmful to our air and ecology.

As consumers we need to be super aware of the resources we are consuming and disposing of because a couple of adjustments can create a large decrease in landfill waste. Waste Wizards works with event managers and food vendors to promote reusable behaviour and to refuse single use plastic and food in plastic packaging. It can be as easy as talking to your supplier about a less wasteful option.

Taken from the NZ Herald October 31, 2017

Taken from the NZ Herald July 21, 2017

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